Rubbish Trucks

The Pepper Pike Service Department takes great pride in serving residents. We are continually looking for ways to enhance our department and improve services while keeping operating costs at a minimum.


The Pepper Pike Service Department consists of 18 dedicated employees under the direction of Service Director Jim Advent. Our department is best known for its rear yard rubbish collection and recycling campaigns, but we are responsible for a lot more. The department is responsible for administering the following services:

  • City park maintenance
  • Mowing of city right-of-ways
  • Road and sewer maintenance
  • Snow removal
  • Street sweeping
  • Traffic and street sign maintenance
  • Various other duties


We acknowledge the fact that we would be unable to accomplish our goals without the support of the Mayor, City Council, and Department Heads.

Looking Forward

We look forward to taking on new challenges, working towards our goals, and most important, continuing to provide the best possible service to the residents of this community.

  1. Service

  2. Jim Advent


  3. John Hnottavange


  4. Rachael Garrett-Bissler

    Administrative Assistant

Pepper Pike Service Department Renovation 2020-2021

The Service Department renovation is complete! Come take a look HERE!

The newly renovated Service Department includes 4,000 square feet added to the main storage building. New locker rooms were added for both men and women, with a visitor’s restroom. A renovated kitchen and expanded lunchroom/meeting space was also added.

Other significant upgrades include: LED lighting; making the building safer and more energy efficient. Fire suppression system and upgraded fire doors were added for safety, and state of the art energy efficient heating and cooling systems added throughout the building.

Automatic CO2 exhaust monitors were run in all garages. New non-slip floor coverings for worker safety installed and windows upgraded to reduce heat loss. 

With little to no updates to the structure in 50 years, and major changes in city services over the last 20 years, this additional storage space and building renovation has been long overdue. Prior to the renovation rubbish trucks and large pieces of equipment used to sit outside during the winter due to lack of space. These vehicles are a huge investment to the city, and being kept inside will save the City money over the next several years.