Greeting & Biography

Pepper Pike is a unique, premier place to live. My commitment is to the:

  • Ensuring its government is transparent and responsive to its own citizens
  • Maintaining its high quality services and safety forces while being fiscally responsible
  • Preservation of its quiet streets and natural beauty

The challenge today and in the future is to find effective ways to lead our city through the pressures of balancing our budget while maintaining the quality and beauty of our city. If you are, like me, dedicated to preserving the city we love; quiet, residential, and with enhanced green spaces, please come and join our community.

Positive Change

The residents of Pepper Pike have responded to our message for positive change. I look forward to working with Council, the department heads, employees, and our residents, so that we can together, by building upon our strong foundations, accomplish the necessary tasks that lie ahead. It will require hard work from many of us. The way forward may differ from the past. 

Change will feel unfamiliar at times and require patience as we seek the best answers. Sometimes we will debate and disagree on the way forward, but the debate must be and will be conducted with civility and the respect that is appropriately accorded when people of good will come together for a common cause. But, we will go forward; we will accomplish; and we will succeed. 

Our small city, which began as a place between the river and the wooded hills, has grown in the last century from farms to village to small city. As we seek to maintain the best of the past, while growing into the future, it will remain the place we want to call home.


Professional Background

  • Mayor, City of Pepper Pike (2012 to present)
  • President and Executive Board of the Cuyahoga County Mayors and Managers Association
  • Attorney, 43 years
  • Partner, Meyers, Roman, Friedberg & Lewis
  • Counsel for large and small businesses, individuals
  • Chairperson Suburban Water Regional Council of Governments
  • Executive Committee Cuyahoga County Emergency Services Advisory Board
  • Co-Chair Civil Rights Committee, Ani-Defamation League, Ohio, Kentucky and Western Pennsylvania Region
  • Trustee, Chagrin River Watershed Partners
  • Cleveland Foodbank, Advocacy Committee, "Kitchen Cabinet"


  • Resident for 33 years
  • Married to Jean Rostomily Bain, 43 years
  • Children - Michael (2003 Graduate of Orange High School); Alex (2007 Graduate of Orange High School)